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Don’t Go Breaking Our Hearts

Ok, we admit it. We bought Joe Manchin’s lies for the past 12 months and many of you warned us not to take Joe seriously. He has renounced everything he has said about Build Back Better. He played us all.

The Good Joe

Republicans share the blame here for voting for a $200 billion corporate welfare bill once Democrats threw in the towel on BBB, and then they pulled off a classic bait and switch. There’s a reason the Republicans are known as the stupid party how do you get outsmarted by Chuck Schumer?

Democrats, who are acting like it’s Christmas morning, are now actually trying to add more spending and goodies to the bill. There is talk of bringing back the state and local tax deduction for rich blue-staters.

They even count the billions to hire some 75,000 more IRS agents to be a revenue raiser. Of course, they will use this money to target conservative and Republican donors. Does anyone remember Lois Lerner?

Perhaps the bill can be stopped on the basis of false advertising They call this bill the “Inflation Reduction Act.” Sure.

Some $300 billion of new government spending is going to SLOW inflation. Dumb. Evil. Or Both?

You Decide.

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