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Down Goes The Biden Military Vax Mandate

Kudos to our hero Rand Paul for leading the fight on this – which looked touch-and-go for a while yesterday. This language is in the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act bill:

Over the weekend the British Medical Journal published a meticulous study finding that mandates for young adults are unethical:

The authors wrote:

These findings have implications for mandates in other settings such as schools, corporations, healthcare systems and the military. Policymakers should repeal COVID-19 vaccine mandates for young adults immediately and ensure pathways to compensation to those who have suffered negative consequences from these policies. Regulatory agencies should facilitate independent scientific analysis through open access to participant-level clinical trial data to allow risk-stratified and age-stratified risk-benefit analyses of any new vaccines prior to issuing recommendations. This is needed to begin what will be a long process of rebuilding trust in public health.

We congratulate the GOP for standing up to Biden on this issue and winning.

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