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Dr. Phil Schools Airheads on “The View”

This is a funny but also deeply distressing video that we hope you will watch. Dr. Phil McGraw tells the airhead women of The View that kids suffered more from lockdowns than from COVID:

Dr Phil made the irrefutable point that we did great damage to our children by shutting down schools “during Covid for two years…Who does that? Who takes away the support system for these children?“

Host Whoopi Goldberg hit back: “They were trying to save kids’ lives.”

Several of the other airheads then proceeded to DEFEND school shutdowns. Dr. Phil calmly responded that we KNEW at the time that children were not at risk, and now an avalanche of evidence confirms that we did long-lasting damage to millions of children.

It’s troubling that four years after this catastrophic mistake, there are some leftists with microphones who STILL defend school closures. But at least it was Dr. Phil who got the big ovation from the crowd of women in the studio audience.

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