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eBay Founder on Mission to Destroy Capitalism

It’s hard to think of a purer success of American capitalism than the auction site eBay, so it’s especially disappointing that its founder Pierre Omidyar has become the principal funder of a scheme to subvert American capitalism. He wants to use the Biden administration’s supercharged antitrust apparatus to make it happen.

The Daily Wire reports:

In September 2020, the Omidyar Network, the activism vehicle of former eBay chief Pierre Omidyar, issued a “Call to Reimagine Capitalism in America,” bemoaning “structural racism, colonialism, paternalism,” and proposing to build “an explicitly anti-racist and inclusive economy.”

Omidyar was spending millions of dollars, largely funneled through dark money groups, to put Joe Biden in the White House. After his election victory, one of Omidyar’s groups, called Reset, explained how it would use the Biden presidency to implant its people to pursue its goals, specifically targeting agencies it believed had sway…

Three years later, the France-born Omidyar has succeeded to an extent seldom seen, with a vast swath of top FTC posts going to people who worked for his “constellation” of groups — and sometimes continued to do so even as they joined the federal government…

A Capital Research Center (CRC) probe fashioned Omidyar as the new version of liberal mega-donor George Soros. His massive partisan activities have flown under the radar because he prefers to influence politics through ostensible charity groups rather than direct campaign contributions. The Omidyar Network says it has paid out more than $1.86 billion to build more inclusive and equitable societies.”

Omidyar’s giving is not limited to expressly left-wing groups. He is also the principal funder of Oren Cass’s American Compass, which pushes the same big government policies on the right.

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