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Electric Bus Experiment Crashes and Burns in Wealthy Jackson Hole

Speaking of green energy flops, this one is almost comical.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming has the highest average income per capita of any county in the United States, at $252,000. It’s filled with very rich and very bleeding-heart liberal residents (Donald Trump won less than 30 percent of the vote in 2022). Teton is also one of the most highly “educated” counties in America.

So naturally, they are all in on the Green New Deal. As such, the transit system run by Teton County began to replace its diesel buses with electric. But now, none of its eight electric buses are running and the company that built them is bankrupt.

The county commission rejected buying clean natural gas vehicles despite a readily available local gas supply. They instead bought electric buses from Proterra, a California company that had received massive federal subsidies has declared bankruptcy.

The “green” buses have been breaking down in cold weather (which is most of the time in the mountains of Wyoming) and the heating needs to sap the juice from the batteries. Many of the malfunctioning buses have been abandoned already.

How can supposedly smart people be SO stupid?

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