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Elite Democrats Say It’s OK to Cheat in Election to Defeat Trump

One of our goals at CTUP is to root out election fraud – and our senior fellow John Fund is at the tip of that spear rooting out election fraud.

What’s scary is that the “cultural elite” on the left now admit that they think cheating is justified if it’s necessary to stop Trump from winning the election.

Readers will recall that earlier this year we released our landmark Them v. US study with Scott Rasmussen on the elite 1% and their extreme views. The majority of these liberal elites from top universities believe there is too much freedom in America and that we should ban air conditioning and most air travel.

Rasmussen recently used the same sampling technique and asked: “Suppose that your favorite candidate loses a close election. However, people on the campaign know that they can win by cheating without being caught. Would you rather have your candidate win by cheating or lose by playing fair?”

The percentages who said cheat-to-win were:

      • All voters: 7%
      • Elites: 35%
      • Elites who talk politics daily: 69%

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