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Elon Musk Takes Down His Leftist Adversaries

By now you’ve surely heard that Elon Musk scorched the Democrats last week by calling them “the party of division & hate.”

The life-long Democrat even tweeted that he intends to switch his vote to Republican.

Careful, Elon, the Biden disinformation office is likely to label that “hate speech.”

Then he pointed out court testimony that a “Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer, using campaign funds, created an elaborate hoax about Trump and Russia. Makes you wonder what else is fake.”

But he really skewered his new leftwing critics for hypocrisy when he noted that Tesla has been delisted from the S&P ESG (green energy and social justice) Index, but in the same listing, oil and gas producer Exxon was “rated top 10 best in the world for environment.”

So one of the world’s largest providers of fossil fuels is a green hero (because they genuflect to and write checks the environmental groups), but the world’s leading electric vehicle producer is a villain.

Musk called this a “clear case of wacktivism” and we can simply add: well said.

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