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EPA Evades Congressional Hearing on EV Mandates – So Withhold Funding Until They Show Up

The bureaucrats who are going to make gasoline and diesel vehicles extremely expensive and hard to find in the next couple of years were no-shows on Capitol Hill this week:

Our back-of-the-envelope calculations is that these will add more than $5,000 to the cost of a new car. Call it a green energy tax.

Not only will American car buyers be hammered by higher prices, but even the New York Times now acknowledges the principal beneficiary of Biden’s war on internal combustion engines is China:

It’s no wonder that the Biden EPA doesn’t want to testify in front of Congress to justify these expensive regulations. Time to play hardball: not a penny of EPA funding until they at least try to justify their war on the car and outrageous regulations that will make driving much more expensive.

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