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Europe Retreats on Electric Car Mandates, Will Britain and California Be Next?

Last year, the European Parliament voted to ban new diesel and gasoline cars and vans in the EU starting in 2035.

This week, EU bureaucrats started backpedaling from that radical position. The sale of traditional cars will be allowed if they burn “e-fuels”, a carbon-neutral synthetic alternative.

Benedetto Vigna, the CEO of Ferrari, says e-fuels will soon replace expensive battery-powered cars that are beyond the reach of the middle class. Will someone please tell these morons that natural gas IS a clean-burning fuel?

Count us as highly skeptical about the e-fuels fad. Isn’t the promise of lower costs what they’ve been saying about wind and solar power for years?

The EU decision has put enormous pressure on the foolish Brits, who’ve enacted a ban on gas cars in 2030. Conservative leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith says: “Unless we delay, we hand a massive boost to the Chinese car manufacturers. They are already dominant.”

Hey, we have a crazy idea: Why not let people buy whatever car they want?

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