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Even LA Voters Showing Signs Of Being Fed Up With Progressivism

We reported about the voter revolt in San Francisco against the pro-crime district attorney, now in Southern California voters are shifting toward candidates that lean more toward the sensible center.

In the Tuesday election for mayor, Los Angeles voters gave 42% of the vote to property developer Rick Caruso and 37% to Democratic Congresswoman Karen Bass. The race is now headed to a runoff election.

Caruso made crime and disorder central to his campaign, pointing out LA is the most under policed big city in America. He wants to cancel the city’s array of expensive homeless housing projects and instead “utilize modular housing, shipping containers, and other cost-effective methods.” He wants to remove all land-use decisions from the City Council to reduce corruption.

Though Caruso sits on the board of the Ronald Reagan Foundation, he is not campaigning as a conservative – but as a problem solver. His slogan is “Caruso Can,” and he promises a common sense, fiscally prudent administration in the vein of former LA Mayor Richard Riordan. The City of Angels would truly be blessed by having a mayor like that again.

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