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Even Liberal Californians Are Feeling Overtaxed!

Those of a certain age will recall that it was California that ushered in the tax revolt of the late 1970s and early ‘80s. Voters by a two to one margin approved Proposition 13, the famous 30% property tax cut in 1978 and the planet shifted on its axis.

Could it be happening again? Today California is one of America’s most liberal states, so when even Golden Staters are fed up with high taxes, something big is going on.

A new poll by UC Berkeley and the Los Angeles Times finds that two-thirds of California voters think the state and federal income taxes they pay are too high.

It’s no surprise that 82 percent of Republicans think so. But the poll found that two-thirds of independents and a stunning 52 percent of Democrats agree., In the liberal Bay Area, 59 percent of voters think taxes are too high.

California has the second worst business climate of any state, according to a new ALEC study. The state has the nation’s highest gasoline tax. the highest personal income tax and the highest sales tax. Despite Proposition 13, even property taxes are high due to many local governments imposing their own special “parcel taxes.”

Could another California tax revolt be brewing that could put progressives on their heels again? We think, yes.

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