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Even New York Times Agrees Green Energy a Big Red Ink Bust

Maybe the editors at NYT are Hotline enthusiasts (good for them) because either we scooped them big time last week or they are channeling the Hotline. Here’s their Sunday headline:

“The shares of a broad range of clean energy companies have been crushed lately, in a rout that encompasses just about every alternative energy sector, including solar, wind and geothermal power.”

The Times calls it “stock market myopia.”

Sure. Don’t these foolish investors know the planet is going to become uninhabitable in the decades to come if we don’t stop using fossil fuels?

That question was meant to be a joke, but the NYT explains: “the stock market doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo” about climate change, and then adds that “the problem resides with the stock market, not the scientists.”

Here is what real-life investors who put their money down on the table think of green energy’s future:

Source: NY Times. Returns since the start of the year.

We will shout it out again: there is NO green energy transition in the US or almost anywhere in the world. Fossil fuels are king. Drill baby drill.

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