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Even With Record Inflation, Congress STILL Wants To Spend Billions More!

Biden and the Democrats STILL haven’t given up on their dreams of a slimmed-down version of “Build Back Better.” Now they are looking at a price tag of a cool $1 trillion in taxes, spending, and price controls. There is even talk of a new carbon tax in the BBB bill. Only in Washington would $1,000,000,000 be considered pint-sized.

In addition to that, both parties are behind an absurd last big-ticket bill called the “Bipartisan Innovation Act,” or “China bill” as it is called. It would give $50 billion to the semiconductor industry to produce microchips. We’d prefer if Intel were simply required to go door to door across the country with tin cups in hand and ask Americans for a $50 donation. Most Americans would slam the door in their face.

The absurd logic here is to defeat Chinese central economic planning with more government-directed central planning here in the United States.

This bill is drenched with “woke” ideology, including, believe it or not, funding for a “diversity directorate” within the National Science Foundation while the House bill parcels out billions to a U.N. climate fund.

Now Dems are in a snit because Mitch McConnell won’t let the China bill pass if Dems insist on any version of Build Back Better. See his tweet below.

We have a better idea. CUT government spending and stop feeding the beast.

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