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Expanding Choice: Michael Bloomberg Donates $750 Million To Charter Schools

There are two Michael Bloombergs. One gives millions to support gun control and soda taxes and climate change craziness and tried to satisfy every liberal special interest group when he ran for president. But he was still rejected as not “woke” enough.

The other Michael Bloomberg supports common sense anti-crime policies and more educational choice options for parents.

Now that he’s not running for President as a Democrat – and forced to embrace that party’s fealty to the teacher unions – the good Bloomberg is back. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed he just announced his Bloomberg Philanthropies will spend $750 million over five years to create seats for 150,000 children in public charter schools all over the country.

A few excerpts that brought smiles to our faces:

“Charter schools aren’t typically unionized so they create a culture of accountability for student progress week to week that many traditional public schools are missing.”

“It’s the job of elected officials to make that clear and not cater to their political supporters and campaign donors.”

In short: put kids and parents first. What a concept. Bravo, Mike!

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