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Farmers Win! Europe Caves on Radical Net Zero Plan

This month, farmers in Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain launched angry protests against absurd “Net Zero” energy restrictions on their land. Blockades led to some empty store shelves and snarled traffic.  No energy means no food.

Now, hooray, the European Union has backed down.

Plans to reduce nitrogen, methane, and other emissions linked to farming by almost a third have been scrapped. A recommendation demanding EU citizens eat less meat has been trashed. The EU even wanted to cut pesticide use in half so that apples come with worms in them.

In waving the white flag of surrender, Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission president, declared: “Our farmers deserve to be listened to,” she told the European Parliament. Duh.

Meanwhile, populist anti-Net Zero parties have gained significant support and could win everywhere in Europe against climate crazies.

Back here at home, the radical greens want to ban everything from lawnmowers to air travel to cows.

We need Europe’s populist/common-sense revolt to come to these shores.

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