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FCC Anoints Itself the New Equity Police

Just a month after voting to bring back Obama’s mangled form of net neutrality regulation in the face of all available evidence, the Federal Communications Commission this week is poised to pass an even more sweeping power grab in the name of — what else? — “equity.”

Nathan Leamer, who was a policy adviser to Trump FCC chairman Ajit Pai (miss him yet?) explains:

The Federal Communications Commission is poised to assert itself as the Ministry of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This week, the unelected bureaucrats at the agency will vote on rules to shoehorn the latest woke ideology about race and identity into the internet ecosystem…

Central to the agency’s rules is the “disparate impact” standard…

The regime applies to every company in the broadband internet space. It even applies to the small business contractors who build and maintain the infrastructure. These operators and technicians simply build where governments have permitted them to construct cell towers or lay fiber. But if the FCC deems that their work promotes discrimination, then bureaucrats will investigate and punish the workers on the frontlines.

We have a much better idea. Let’s abolish the FCC. The internet and phone service would be much better and more “equitable” without it.

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