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Fire The FDA

Speaking of boneheaded decisions at the FDA, we think it can now be declared a completely broken government agency.

Its top two vaccine officials resigned in protest months ago.

It almost completely stopped convening its outside expert panel that it kept overruling (although they are scheduled to meet on the latest infant EUA, which should be interesting).

With Omicron now in steep decline, it looks like the entire 2021-22 respiratory disease season is going to come and go with no variant-specific vaccines. Which means the same agency that Warp Speeded three vaccines from nothing in months under Trump has not been able to update them for the actually circulating variants in a year under Biden.

Worst of all, an agency taxpayers fund to the tune of $10s of billions of dollars a year to be prepared to combat pandemics, was caught flat-footed when Covid hit because it was too busy spending money on trendy LGBTQ issues, gun violence, and climate change.

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