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Fired for Telling the Truth About COVID

Harvard’s Dr. Martin Kulldorff got the big things right on COVID more than perhaps any other academic expert in America.  He was proven right on the age gradient of risk, schools, lockdowns, and mandates.

In a first-person story posted yesterday on City Journal, he details how he was censored by (pre-Musk) Twitter at the request of the Biden administration for posting this:

He was then fired by the CDC for opposing the pause in the Johnson and Johnson vaccine – which was lifted after four days anyway, at enormous cost to the credibility of public health agencies:

A month after my tweet, I was fired from the CDC Covid Vaccine Safety Working Group—not because I was critical of vaccines but because I contradicted CDC policy. In April 2021, the CDC paused the J&J vaccine after reports of blood clots in a few women under 50. No cases were reported among older people, who benefit the most from the vaccine. Since there was a general vaccine shortage at that time, I argued that the J&J vaccine should not be paused for older Americans. This is what got me in trouble. I am probably the only person ever fired by the CDC for being too pro-vaccine. While the CDC lifted the pause four days later, the damage was done. Some older Americans undoubtedly died because of this vaccine “pause.”

And eventually, he was fired by Harvard for declining the vaccine himself:

For scientific, ethical, public health, and medical reasons, I objected both publicly and privately to the Covid vaccine mandates. I already had superior infection-acquired immunity; and it was risky to vaccinate me without proper efficacy and safety studies on patients with my type of immune deficiency. This stance got me fired by Mass General Brigham—and consequently fired from my Harvard faculty position.

While several vaccine exemptions were given by the hospital, my medical exemption request was denied. I was less surprised that my religious exemption request was denied: “Having had COVID disease, I have stronger longer lasting immunity than those vaccinated (Gazit et al). Lacking scientific rationale, vaccine mandates are religious dogma, and I request a religious exemption from COVID vaccination.”

That didn’t go over too well in the faculty lounge. The whole story is worth reading as an object lesson in how honest dissent was so often punished during coronamania:

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