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Florida vs. California – Part 1

The debate of the year may be the one coming up next month between the two governors: Florida’s Ron DeSantis and California’s Gavin Newsom.

This is a red state-blue state showdown. So, to help the DeSantis team get ready for this rumble in the jungle, we will over the course of the next few weeks provide some compare and contrasts.

Start with how Americans are voting with their feet. In just the last six years, California has lost a net one million residents and Florida has gained one million people from other states.  If we go back to 2010, the outmigration from California and the in-migration to Florida is twice as high.

California was once America’s jewel. Now it is a mecca for homelessness, crime, drug abuse, unemployment, lousy schools, poverty, and high taxes.

Gavin Newsom has taken to calling California “the freedom state.” Freedom from what?

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