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Former British PM Liz Truss Warns of an International Deep State

We at CTUP were excited to host former British Prime Minister Liz Truss for a dinner in Washington this week to celebrate her new book Ten Years to Save the West.

Truss gave a harrowing account of how she was undermined at every turn by the permanent British bureaucracy after she introduced a pro-growth, supply-side budget.  She was forced out of office after 49 days.

Her story is worth reading because she warns that the same progressive bureaucrats and media forces on our side of the Atlantic will attempt to undermine Donald Trump if he is elected.  As Prime Minister, she found her own bureaucracy was trying to rewrite her speeches based on pointers prepared by the Biden State Department!

“The U.S. economic establishment already is arming against Mr. Trump and his economic program,” she warns. She says Trump must not only prepare for a return to fiscal responsibility, but also to take on the unelected administrative state that kneecapped her: “My Republican friends must be ready for the fight of their lives.”

Liz Trus at CTUP Dinner with Anne and Steve Moore

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