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Fourth of July Fireworks Are Being Outlawed in L.A.

Yet another iconic American tradition is under fire from radical environmentalists. Six annual Fourth of July fireworks displays are closing down in Los Angeles due to new rules designed to clean up ocean pollution.

Los Angeles now prohibits any floating plastic trash after a show and recommends the use of only biodegradable fireworks.

Pyro Spectacular, the company responsible for Redondo Beach’s fireworks, said “We cannot and will not risk the safety of our staff and the public to comply with the restrictive regulations,” Chief Executive Jim Souza said.

Los Angeles is only just coming out of the nightmare of COVID lockdowns, which saw absurd bans on the use of outdoor dining and even children’s playgrounds. Now L.A. killjoys are going after fireworks displays.

Remember, this is a city that can’t clean the omnipresent trash despoiling the city, but they can ban fireworks.

But this blight is tolerated:

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