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Free Donald Trump

Let’s see if we have this straight: the people who spent two years on the Russia hoax; the same people who falsified a dossier on Trump conspiring with Russian spies; the same people who falsely tried to impeach Trump not once but twice; the same people who called for a raid on the former president’s Mar-a-Lago residence; the same people who swore that the Hunter Biden laptop was a hoax and so never investigated; and the same people who have NEVER once apologized to the president and the American people for these slanderous streams of lies and falsehoods…may arrest Trump this week on more flimsy charges.

What’s next? Tarring and feathering Trump in the public square?

No matter what one thinks of Trump (we loved his policies and are often disturbed by his antics), any sane person not suffering from severe Anti-Trump Derangement Syndrome would have to agree that
this outrageous abuse of the government’s police and investigative powers to destroy a party’s political opponent is the stuff of a banana republic – or of Chicago.

This pitiful power play from the left will only unify more support for Trump.

Is this their secret strategy?

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