Free the Airways

The Federal Aviation Administration has told airlines to reduce their schedules by as much as 10 percent at the nation’s busiest airports.  The government-run air traffic control system has a shortage of controllers. Without cuts across the airline industry, the FAA says congestion will be 45 percent worse than last summer – with New York airports especially hard hit.

This will cause more expensive airfares and more crowded flights.

Get ready for the middle-seat squeeze.

JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes admits: “If we don’t cut (flights), the system is not going to be workable this summer.”

The solution is patently obvious: get the government out of the air traffic control business. All over the world, dozens of countries have privatized or partially privatized their own systems. A Government Accountability Office study has found that in privatized countries, there are fewer delays and lower costs.

So why doesn’t America privatize? The Trump administration tried to broker a deal to get that done. The unions and Congress refuse to give up control, probably because they’re doing such a wonderful job.

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