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From Russia With Talent

Here’s a good way to defeat the tyrant Vladimir Putin AND make America more prosperous: give a lot more visas to their young and well-educated people to come here.

This is the advice of CTUP Senior Fellow John Fund in the Wall Street Journal on how to weaken Vladimir Putin’s regime while also benefitting America’s high-tech economy.

Putin’s war machine is suffering a severe labor shortage as more of his most talented workers flee. Last fall, Russia created panic among the young by drafting people off the street in Moscow and sending them to the front.

Russia’s Communications Ministry admitted that 10 percent of the country’s IT workers had left in 2022 and not returned.

This gives the U.S. allies the chance to use immigration laws to ratchet up pressure on Putin.

We can create a Russian brain drain by doubling or tripling the number of high-skilled H-1B visas from 85,000 to 250,000 each year. This is a tool used by many technology giants to attract the “brainiacs.” (We should adopt the same strategy with Taiwan – which could be invaded by communist China.)

Using the immigration lever would be a positive-sum game for the U.S. It would deny Putin the skills and services of some of his most prosperous and talented citizens. It would also bring talented, resourceful, and hardworking people to live among us and perhaps eventually become Americans.

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