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Gas Prices Highest In The Blue States

Gas prices are now officially twice as high as they were when Trump left office – $2.39 a gallon in January 2021, versus $4.85 national average this weekend. Every fill-up of the minivan is now roughly $35 more expensive.

But what isn’t well known is that most of the states with the highest gas prices are Democrat-controlled blue states and most of the states with the lowest gas prices are in Republican-controlled red states. (It’s a little confusing because the AAA map has the red states in blue and the blue states coded red.)


Here are the 10 states with regular unleaded gas at an average price of more than $5 a gallon:

Price per gallon

California       $6.32
Hawaii           $5.48
Nevada         $5.47
Oregon          $5.40
Washington   $5.39
Illinois            $5.38
Alaska           $5.36
Arizona          $5.12
Wash D.C      $5.10
Michigan        $5.04

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