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Germans Rebelling Against Green Tyranny

For many years Germany has led the world in climate craziness. It shut down gas and nuclear plants while offering a gusher of subsidies for wind and solar power.

The result: Germans now pay electricity prices 70% higher than the European average. Germany has been deindustrializing ever since.

Last year lawmakers adopted an experimental policy requiring all new heating systems to use at least 65% renewable energy.

Public outcry has forced Robert Habeck, the Green Party minister behind the plan, to retreat.

He told a town hall this month that the original law “was honestly a test of how far society is prepared to go in terms of climate protection when it becomes a reality. And I went too far.”

He says the plan’s mandates will be eased because public anger “would probably have ended up knocking the entire climate protection program off its feet.”

Amazingly, all of these mandates and the attendant public backlash were for a policy that will reduce German carbon dioxide emissions over the next six years by the same amount as China emits in a single day.

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