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Germany Lied About Impact of Shutting Down Nuclear Plant

Every day we uncover more evidence of how government officials twist data, exaggerate risks, and downright lie to advance a preordained political agenda. No one is worse than the German government, which has become a propaganda machine. In 2020, Germany’s Interior Ministry hired scientists from several research institutes to create only models that would justify tough COVID lockdowns. Welt am Sonntag magazine called it “cooking the books” – which was putting it mildly.

The Interior Ministry is now again entangled in a scandal where it appears the government hid documents that would have revealed the negative effects of shutting down Germany’s last nuclear power plants last year. A Berlin court has just ordered ministry officials to provide the media with the concealed documents.

Cicero magazine alleges that in a March 2022 report, the Interior Ministry concluded that the nuclear plants should still be closed despite the energy crisis brought on by the Ukraine War. But a leak of the draft report Included a section that estimated keeping the plants open would have reduced Germany’s carbon emissions by four-and-a-half times more than the government’s non-nuclear energy plans. That section was removed just before publication.

The court order to release all of the nuclear report drafts will likely be embarrassing for the government. Not only have domestic carbon emissions risen due to the expanded use of coal, but Germany has become a net electricity importer.

Almost 20 percent of its imported electricity comes from FOREIGN nuclear plants, mostly from France.

What is doubly ironic about this scandal is that the German government nearly bankrupted and deindustrialized the country with its ill-fated experiment with wind and solar energy several years ago in order to cut carbon emissions. But then the same government shut down nuclear plants that emit almost NO carbon into the atmosphere. Germany should be BUILDING nuclear plants, they shouldn’t be shutting them down.

Welcome to the insanity of Europe’s Green New Deal.

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