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Global Government Versus Global Markets

We received a tremendous response on our takedown of national conservatism/socialism in Tuesday’s HOTLINE and appreciate all the thoughtful comments from readers.

Many respondents were concerned about our critique of “globalism” – and so we feel compelled to clarify.

Yes, globalization – the free movement of capital, goods, and people across borders (lawfully) – is a positive force for human freedom and prosperity. Few policies have done more to raise living standards and reduce poverty – here and around the world – than the gains from trade. This is close to incontrovertible. The chart below shows that poverty goes down as the volume of trade goes up.

What we MEANT to say is that the move by the left for one-world government – such as globalized regulation, international climate treaties, redistribution of income schemes, and harmonized taxation (such as Janet Yellen’s global minimum tax) – are assaults on national sovereignty and a giant leap toward government tyranny. That is what we and all freedom lovers should resist.

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