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Global Warming May Be Saving Lives

One of the more preposterous claims by climate change alarmists is that a warming planet imperils food production. Obviously, plants and crops grow much more bountifully in warm weather and CO2 increases vegetation. Severe cold weather kills far more people than severe warm weather.

Now we have official confirmation of this from Britain’s Office for National Statistics, which has issued a report concluding that over half a million fewer people died in England and Wales over the last 20 years due to a small rise in temperatures, according to recent work by the Office for National Statistics. The number of lives saved were 90% attributable to milder winters and 10% to warmer summers and represented three times the number lost to COVID-19.

Have you read about this anywhere in the U.S. other than on these pages??? The U.S. media has almost completely ignored the report as did much of the British news services. It’s no wonder why: this science finding doesn’t comport with the fake doom and gloom “scientific consensus” that the media invented.

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