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Gold Coast Lexus Liberals Elected the New Leftist Chicago Mayor

We are all still scratching our heads and bandaging our wounds as we try to figure out the catastrophe of the Chicago mayoral election. We’ve mentioned before that Brandon Johnson won an overwhelming share of the Black and youth vote. Vallas won big time with the Hispanic vote.

But here is the biggest surprise of all?  The millionaire liberals who live in the penthouse suites on upscale Michigan Avenue voted for Johnson, according to an analysis by the Illinois Policy Institute (See the diagram below). The yellow areas are clusters of voters for Johnson.  The area on the right along Lake Michigan and Lincoln Park (upper right) are the most affluent areas of the city, and these voters went for Johnson.

Chicago is a microcosm of the political divide in the nation.  Government employees and the very affluent – who are gated off from the decay of rotten schools and the terror of rampant inner-city crime – are the base of the Democratic Party.  The working class is voting mostly Republican.

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