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Gone With Common Sense

Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind is an American classic—up there with Huckleberry Finn—as one of the greatest novels ever written.

The 1939 film remains the top-grossing movie of all time after adjusting for inflation. It won 10 Oscars, including one for Hattie McDaniel, the first African-American actress to be honored with one.

But now the “woke” police have come for it. A couple of years ago, HBO banned the film for engaging in racist stereotypes. Now the book will include “trigger warnings” inserted by the publisher Pan Macmillan. It cautions readers that the book is “racist” and could be “hurtful or indeed harmful.” The publisher has even added an essay in the latest edition of the book apologizing for the “white supremacy” undertones.

Leave this classic alone. If some people have their feelings hurt, well, “Frankly, my dears, we don’t give a damn.”

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