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GOP Can Force Senators To Vote On The Ruinous Biden Energy Policies

If the Democrats move forward with their drug price controls/Obamacare bailout reconciliation bill from the ashes of Build Back Better, Republicans can bring to the Senate floor a parade of tough votes for Democrat Senators. This process is called “vote-a-rama.”

These votes would be excruciating for Democrats in the Senate because they would force every member to go on record as for or against the Biden agenda – for example cutting drilling here at home.

According to the author Chris Jacobs:

Republicans should offer numerous energy exploration amendments — the more, the better — echoing the 2005 language of Democrats’ reconciliation bill.

Passage of energy exploration amendments would infuriate climate activists, who even as gas prices have approached $5 a gallon are pressuring Biden “to stop new drilling for oil and gas as well as coal mining on federal lands and waters,” The New York Times reported. Conversely, if Democrats stay united and all vote against the Republican efforts, it will show how the Democratic Party supports higher gas prices — the prime issue facing American families today.

We suspect many Democrats in tough races this November won’t walk, but will sprint away from Biden policies. But then the whole bill could collapse if liberal Democrats refuse to approve the final passage of the bill, as amended.

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