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Harold Hamm Starts An Institute To DEFEND American Energy!

Hooray to Harold Hamm, the Continental Energy founder, and one of great pioneers of the American share oil and gas revolution. He’s fighting back against the green energy cult that even many oil and gas companies are buying into. While government, private foundations (including the Rockefeller Foundation), and woke corporations are pouring tens of billions of dollars down the rat hole of green energy, Continental has announced the formation of a $50 million donation to launch the Harold Hamm Institute for American Energy. It will be run out of Oklahoma State University.

And, hooray, it will unapologetically promote ALL of America’s energy sources, including oil, gas, and coal. Harold is angry, as all Americans should be, that in less than a year Joe Biden has “taken America from energy independence to dependence on OPEC and Saudi Arabia for our energy.”

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1155 15th St NW, Ste 525
Washington, DC 20005