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Harry Reid Was A Lying Liar Who Made Americans Much Poorer

Yes, we know that the protocol is to talk about how wonderful our past political leaders are at the time of their death. Such a great statesman. Put the country first. Blah, blah, blah.

But in the case of former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, we just can’t. We are so nauseated by the effusive praise of former Democratic Senate majority leader Harry Reid of Nevada, who died on Wed. (even Mitch McConnell said nice things about him), that we feel compelled to remind our readers of the truth.

Harry Reid was a first class scoundrel.

First, Reid claimed up until his last days that one of his “proudest accomplishments” was to block President George W. Bush’s attempt to create personal accounts for Social Security.

“Accomplishment?” If we had privatized Social Security back in the early 1990s when even Bill Clinton endorsed this reform and the Dow Jones was at 8,000 (it is 36,000 today), tens of millions of Americans would be retiring with one million dollars or more in their private IRA accounts and would be receiving retirement income two to three TIMES more than Social Security will pay them. And younger Americans would have accounts overflowing with money.

Great going Harry, you putz!

Perhaps even worse, was Harry’s despicable and deliberate lie told during the 2012 presidential election.   Reid claimed that he had seen Mitt Romney’s tax returns and that Romney “paid zero taxes for 10 years.” Even the Washington Post admitted it was all a bold-faced lie.

What made the lie even more disgusting was that Reid NEVER apologized for his duplicity. Instead he BOASTED about it. When he was asked about it after the election, Reid replied, “ I don’t regret that at all. Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Yes, what a great role model and statesman. Okay, we will say something nice about Harry Reid. We hope God forgives him.

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