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Harvard President Claudine Gay Is a Serial Plagiarist

In Harvard’s code of conduct plagiarism can lead to expulsion – unless, of course, you are the president of the university and check all the diversity boxes. In that case, when you’re caught plagiarizing you get a vote of confidence from the board of directors.

Claudine Gay survived the recent controversy by dodging the question at a congressional hearing about whether calling for the genocide of Jews violates Harvard’s code of conduct. She even survived the revelation that she plagiarized parts of her PhD dissertation. Gay is by all accounts a second to third-rate scholar who probably would have struggled to gain tenure at a school like, say, Toledo. Lucky for her, her scholarship is so unexceptional that until very recently no one apparently ever bothered to read anything she wrote.

But now reporters are scouring through her writings, and they’ve hit the mother lode.

The Free Beacon reports:

The new allegations, which were submitted to Harvard’s research integrity officer, Stacey Springs, include…dozens of additional cases in which Gay quoted or paraphrased authors without proper attribution.  They range from missing quotation marks around a few phrases or sentences to entire paragraphs lifted verbatim.

The full list of examples spans seven of Gay’s publications—two more than previously reported—which comprise almost half of her scholarly output. Though the Harvard Corporation said earlier this month that it initiated an independent review Gay’s work in October and found “no violation of Harvard’s standards for research misconduct,” that probe focused on just three papers.

Example number 30 is the most remarkable – she cribbed two sentences of the ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS in her dissertation from another scholar. That’s a new one.

We assume Harvard will sweep all of this under the rug. Amazingly, the board of the most prestigious university in the world doesn’t seem to care that in the last tow months, the school’s reputation has been perhaps permanently tarnished.

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