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Has Europe Reached Peak Climate Craziness?

We’ve mentioned many times on these pages that the Europeans’ green energy experiment over the last two decades has been a miserable failure. Just ask Germany – which almost destroyed its industrial base because of unworkable “clean” energy.

Now the French are having their doubts. French President Emmanuel Macron has just called for a ‘“European regulatory pause” on more Green regulation, saying it could put France at a competitive disadvantage. (Ya thank?!) He railed against “those who still want to add standards and always more – but without having any more factories.” Macron also called for a new generation of nuclear reactors.

Friends of the Earth called Macron’s comments “irresponsible” and “a serious admission of failure.”

Meanwhile, the European Union in Brussels is delaying key parts of its Green New Deal after a party led by anti-Net Zero farmers came in first in Senate elections in the Netherlands.

Last fall, Germany signed an EU target to ban the sale of internal combustion engine cars by 2035. It now opposes the idea, along with Italy, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Germany’s transport minister is asking what’s the point in pushing electric cars if the power that drives them comes from burning coal.

Sadly, the outlier is Britain where the Conservative government refuses to loosen its ban on fracking and has no plans on reversing its ban on new gas and diesel cars by 2030 (and hybrids by 2035).

Isn’t it mind-blowing that the United States under Biden is now to the left of socialist France and other EU nations in climate fanaticism?

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