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Has The Rogue Michigan AG’s Time Expired?

Michigan’s Dana Nessel is the nation’s most radical state attorney general. During COVID she abetted Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s arbitrary and cruel lockdowns, even castigating a 77-year-old barber who opened his shop by questioning his love for the United States.

A social justice warrior, she made headlines this month by telling a conference she wanted “a drag queen for every school….drag queens make everything better!”

Let’s just say Dana is a little unhinged from reality.

Now a unanimous Michigan Supreme Court has slapped her down by ruling her indictments against former GOP Governor Rick Snyder and others in the Flint lead pipe water crisis case must be dismissed. The Associated Press calls it “an astonishing defeat” for Nessel, who fired a special prosecutor on the case when she took office in 2019. She then authorized a single judge to hear secret evidence and then take on the role of a one-judge grand jury to indict the former governor for willful neglect of duty and his former health director for involuntary manslaughter.

Chief Justice Bridget McCormack, a Democrat, said in her opinion that the highly unusual use of a single judge was a “Star Chamber comeback,” a reference to secret courts in the Middle Ages.

Justice McCormack wrote: “To this day, the defendants do not know what evidence the prosecution presented to convince the grand jury to charge them.”

Nessel should resign immediately.

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