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Headline of the Day

This is funny/ironic. But it is mostly heartbreaking.

This was supposed to be a triumphant conference celebrating how much Biden and the Democrats really, truly care about hunger. “This an incredible opportunity for us to discuss what the Biden administration is doing to address the issue” of putting food on the kitchen table a White House spokesman gushed.

Reality check:

Hunger and malnutrition in America and across the planet have been in rapid decline for the past 75 years – thanks to massive increases in agriculture productivity and big gains in worker incomes. Now we suddenly have a food and hunger crisis in America that is even more acute in poor nations.

Why? Because for bountiful food production farmers need cheap and abundant energy and they need fertilizer. The Biden administration and the Greens have declared war on both because of their climate change derangement. Energy prices in many parts of the world have doubled and tripled and the ban on fertilizers has driven farm yields into the ditch in many poor countries like Sri Lanka.

The best way to reduce hunger is to get Biden out of the White House.

At least the Biden and UN officials will eat well at this conference studying the hunger that THEY CAUSED.

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