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Headline of the Week

LONDON — NatWest Group CEO Alison Rose resigned after a media storm over the termination of Brexit figurehead Nigel Farage’s bank account by sister lender Coutts.

Rose admitted Tuesday to having discussed the details of Farage’s account with a BBC reporter and having thus been the source of a controversial story for which the national broadcaster has since issued an apology.

The “debanking” movement is sinister and serious and it is happening on both sides of the Atlantic. We’re big fans of Nigel Farage for his heroic and improbable crusade and victory on Brexit. The leftist one-world government elitists have never forgiven him for his roadblocking their ambitions. Congrats to the British citizens for reacting in a unified grassroots rage against this injustice. Natwest Group is the British version of Anheuser Busch.

Hats off to the protesters. The backlash against corporate wokism has emerged as a major political and economic force.

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