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Hey Democrats: Give ALL The FTX Money Back

Have you noticed that almost no one in the media dares to acknowledge that the perpetrators of most of the largest financial scandals of the past fifty years have been major donors to Democrats and liberal causes/PACs? That was true of the savings and loan crisis and the “Keating Five” (four of whom were D senators and the fifth was John McCain), Bernie Madoff a darling of the Democrats, the Fannie Mae bankruptcy (whose PAC and execs gave millions to Dems), and now $40 million “donated,” by FTX.

The media obsessed over the “dark money” from the Koch brothers – who never violated the law or defrauded investors – while the real crooks were never investigated until it was too late.

So now along comes fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried, or “SBF” as his chummy Dem friends affectionately call him.  According to the Center for Responsive Politics, SBF and two other FTX execs gave an estimated $57 million to Democratic candidates and groups and $22 million to Republican candidates and groups.

Here are the entities that are known to have received at least a million dollars in political contributions from the three top FTX execs:

Protect Our Future PAC (pro-lockdown Dem)       $28,000,000
American Dream Federal Action (pro-lockdown GOP)       $15,000,000
Future Forward USA (Dem)          $6,000,000
House Majority PAC (Dem)           $6,000,000
Reproductive Freedom For All     $4,000,000
GMI PAC                                      $3,500,000
Senate Majority PAC (GOP)          $3,000,000
Senate Leadership Fund (GOP)    $2,500,000
Women Vote! (Dem)       $2,250,000
Congressional Leadership Fund (GOP)      $2,000,000
America United (Dem)    $1,300,000
LGBTQ Victory Fund (Dem)           $1,100,000
O’Rourke, Beto (Dem)     $1,100,000
Mind the Gap (Dem)       $1,000,000

And here is a partial list of the Democrat candidates who received donations from SBF:

Rep. Jesus Garcia, D-Ill.
Rep-elect Morgan McGarvey, D, KY
Rep-elect Maxwell Frost, D, FL
Sydney Kamlager D, CA
Jonathan Jackson, D, IL
Nikki Budzinski, D, IL
Jared Moskowitz D, FL
Rob Menendez Jr.  D, NJ
Maxine Waters D, CA
Sen. Dick Durbin D, IL
Abigail Spanberger (D, VA)

A complete list is available here:

Over the weeks ahead, we plan to keep track of which politicians and PACs give the money back so it can go to the victims of the FTX Ponzi scheme. So far Bloomberg reports that “only a handful” have announced they will return the stolen money. Stay tuned.

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