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Hooray! $4 Trillion Spending Bill Likely Stalled Until 2022

The Biden strategy has always been to steamroller this bill through Congress before anyone really knew of all the horrific features of the 2,400 page monstrosity.

Our strategy at the Committee has always been to delay. Delay. Delay. Slow this runaway freight train down before it runs the American economy over a financial cliff.

Just as our sources have been telling us all week, Democrats are now publicly admitting it is unlikely they will have the votes in the Senate to pass ANYTHING this year – let alone time to send it back to the House and reconcile a new version with the leftists like AOC who runs the Squad.

Why is this great news? Because the daily slamming of this big government socialism bill by our Save the Country coalition is peeling off public support. Biden had it wrong: the more Americans are educated about what’s in this bill, the more they hate it – and for good reason.

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