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Hooray for Houston

In elections this week the big news is that Houston, the nation’s 4th largest city with 2.3 million people, elected moderate state Senator John Whitmire. He won in a 2 to 1 landslide over Sheila Jackson Lee, a rabble-rousing member of Congress from Houston.

Jackson Lee promptly announced after her loss she would seek re-election for a 16th term with her trademark lack of humility: “I am compelled by the numerous opportunities still ahead to enhance the lives of my constituents.”

Some more good news is that Philadelphia elected Cherelle Parker, a moderate who favored hiring more police officers and defeated several wacko progressive candidates. We’re pleased that so many big-city residents are starting to avoid the tragic mistake that Chicago made earlier this year when voters elected Marxist mayor Brandon Johnson.

Our prediction: the cities that rejected progressives are likely to add jobs, enhance public safety, and see population growth rather than decline.

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