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House Republicans Promise To Rescind IRS Expansion Funding

We’ve recommended since the Inflation Acceleration Act passed that a top priority of a new GOP Congress must be to rescind the outrageous $80 billion of extra IRS funding. Republicans have picked up the message and run with it.  

From Adrian Smith and Michelle Steel:

An accountable government isn’t a bloated one empowered to target taxpayers, which is why we are working together to defund the Biden administration’s plan to hire 87,000 new employees to audit American taxpayers. Our bill, the Family and Small Business Taxpayer Protection Act, would rescind the IRS funding for enforcement and leave in place the funding for improvements to customer service and technology.

Republican Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy promises one of the first orders of business in the new Congress will be to defund these new IRS agents. This is the first of many important steps House Republicans will take to help right the wrongs of a Democrat-controlled Washington.

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