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House Speaker Johnson: Read My Lips, No Tax Hike Commission

Kudos, Mr. Speaker!  We have repeatedly warned against the trap of a “bipartisan fiscal commission” as a way to get Republican fingerprints on tax hikes:

So here is some cheerful news: Speaker Mike Johnson has ruled out any commission if tax hikes are on the table. Here’s what he told CNBC last week:

I have been supportive of a bipartisan, bicameral [fiscal] commission. The catch is, you want to make sure that they don’t go in with the idea that they would be raising taxes because I think raising taxes is problematic in a situation like this. I’m a limited government fiscal conservative — I believe in the principle of reducing taxes on job creators and innovators and risk takers and hardworking families, and reducing regulation so you can unleash the economy. And this is not just a theory. You know we proved this, the first two years of the Trump administration.

Keep reading the HOTLINE, Mr. Speaker.

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