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House Voted To End COVID Emergency – But Almost All Democrats Vote With Biden To Keep Fake “Emergency” Going

How pathetic is this:

Just 11 House Democrats voted with all Republicans yesterday to terminate the COVID national emergency that ended a year and a half ago.

How short is that list?  It’s just 5 percent of House Democrats. All the rest fell right behind the Biden announcement of a May 11 end date.

Next up will be the Senate, where Kansas Senator Roger Marshall will force a vote yet again.  It passed three times last year, but Democrats may be more hesitant to vote yes without the Nancy Pelosi backstop.

It is a privileged resolution that cannot be filibustered.  Unless 10 of the 12 Senate Democrats who voted yes last time flip-flop, Biden will have to use his first-ever veto if he wants to keep his fake COVID emergency going until May.

To repeat: the “emergency” allows Biden to spend tens of billions of dollars on health and welfare programs without congressional approval. And these are the same people who call Trump a “danger to democracy.”

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