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How Is It That Locking Down Businesses Is Wise, But Shutting Down Non-Essential Government Activities Is A Disaster?

The White House and media drama queens are near cardiac arrest over a partial and temporary government shutdown in the days or weeks ahead.

They may need smelling salts.

The White House’s hysteria-filled statement yesterday warned that planes will collide in the air because of air traffic controller shortages; waiting lines at airports will be two hours long because TSA officers will be laid off; 10,000 children will be wandering the streets because they won’t have head start programs; we will all risk dying from Salmonella because food safety inspections will be delayed; seniors won’t get meal on wheels lunches, and windmill construction will be delayed. Oh my!

We’re confused.

In 2020 these same whining politicians shut down private businesses, stores, schools, restaurants, and factories. Tens of millions of Americans were thrown out of work for months on end. Millions of businesses small and large were forced to close their doors – many went bankrupt. The economy took a multi-trillion-dollar hit.

The media was cheering on these Stalinist lockdowns even though they had a minimal effect on stopping the spread.

Apparently, Inside the Beltway logic goes like this: we can live without businesses, stores, and almost all private sector activity, but the country will go to hell if trivial programs like the National Endowment for the Arts, the Department of Energy, and the Federal Trade Commission shut down for even a single day.

Our quote of the day comes from Biden himself:

“A government shutdown would undermine our economy and national security, create needless uncertainty for families and businesses, and have damaging consequences across the country.”

Gee, they never said that when they locked down the entire $24 trillion U.S. economy in 2020 and into 2021.

Lions and tigers and bears … and government Shutdowns, oh my!

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