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How Much Are Americans Willing to Pay to Combat Climate Change? Just $10 a Year

No matter how many times the climate change industrial complex howls dire warnings of a calamity that will destroy the planet, voters aren’t buying the doom and gloom.

A new CTUP/American Energy Alliance poll of battleground states found just 3% of respondents identified climate change as the most pressing issue facing the United States, compared to the 59% that identified the economy as either the first or second most important issue facing the United States.

What’s amazing is when voters were asked how much they would be willing to pay out of their own pocketbook to fight climate change, the median amount was $10. That’s less than a Big Mac meal in most places. The issue is still highly polarizing. While some voters said they are willing to pay “whatever it takes” to take action on climate change, one-third of voters said they didn’t want to pay a single penny.

The survey also found that voters are overwhelmingly against a federal energy tax – which would hit consumers hard.

Our survey results show that in these tough times, Americans care most about their wallets and their access to reliable and affordable energy, not the radical green energy agenda Joe Biden has embraced.

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