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How Predictable Was This Study? Climate Change Causes Pandemics

This headline from our friends at the Daily Caller:

The government report in question, known as the Fifth National Climate Assessment (NCA 5), warns of a climate change/pandemic linkage:

“Climate-driven changes in ecosystems increase the risk of emerging infectious diseases by altering interactions among humans, pathogens and animals.”

Here’s another scary warning: “Changes in climate alter the distribution, diversity and abundance of vectors and non-human hosts, as well as the host’s susceptibility to pathogen replication.”
So what can stop the catastrophic effects of this sinister climate change-Covid chain reaction?  You guessed it: bigger and more intrusive government:

“COVID-19 and climate change have common underlying challenges and solutions,” according to NCA 5, including “collective action among nations to minimize threats…”

But not of tyranny! 

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