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How Teachers Are Brainwashing Kids About Climate Change

We ran across this story from the Australian publication The Conversationcalled “How Teachers Are Navigating Climate Change in the Class Room.”

In the story, we learn that this is now the official policy of Australia (and pay attention folks because these school policies are also becoming commonplace in the U.S.):

Climate change education is increasingly seen as an essential part of schooling.

The main international test of 15-year-olds’ progress (which Australia participates in) has just announced the next round of testing will include environmental knowledge alongside English, maths and science literacy.

As scientists keep reminding us, URGENT ACTION IS REQUIRED.

We thought this except from the story shined a bright spotlight on the indoctrination process that is happening is schools around the world:

“Teachers in our study were doing their very best to maintain a hopeful and positive message for students, but this often conflicted with their own feelings. As one teacher told us:

Personally, what I have to do is to try and make sure that I speak hopefully, even though it is not hopeful in my opinion […] I try and use language that will encourage students to feel empowered and want to make a change and fight for action.”

These are 8, 10, and 12-year-olds we are talking about.

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