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How’s This for Stupidity? Uncle Sam Is Paying Auto Companies To Make EVs Americans Don’t Want

If you go to a new car dealer lot, you are likely to see hundreds of electric vehicles for sale, but few if any traditional gas cars. The dealers are peddling the EVs even though the vast majority of auto buyers say they don’t want one. So much for the customer always being right. The current strategy is as futile as trying to get a dog to swallow a pill with his mouth pried shut.

So now, the Biden admin. is offering a $12 billion bribe of tax dollars to auto companies that agree to convert their factories into plants for hybrid and EVs. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm made the announcement last week.

The only question here is who’s dumber: the Biden administration for offering all this money or the U.S. auto companies for listening to the government – not car buyers.

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